Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So I've got this secret plan. A very secret plan. Very few, if any, know the full details of said plan. I will say this: I spent the majority of today working on perhaps the biggest part of the plan.

I feel really good about this. Not only will this be very good for me, but I actually have a goal to strive for. Since Liam was born, I've not had a goal to keep me going. And that's how I roll. I need something to work for. This time it isn't minimum wage.

More will be revealed later. Right now, Liam is screaming about a missing Tuck.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A wee little update

I finally got off my ass (well, no, not really) and got some stuff done. I found a new doctor, and made an appointment. I really was impressed by how soon I could get in. I also felt good about the fact that the office manager (who set up my appt) moved the appointment up because of the foot pain I've been experiencing. I got to talk to the nurse, and am already under orders to elevate said foot and alternate ice/heat.

I also have a job interview next week. Not a great job, but if I get it, I'll at least have some money. Because being held prisoner in the mauseoleum is not so much fun. Money= progress. The secret plan is coming together.

So that's all that's new with me right now. No big shakes, but things aren't looking so dim.