Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years Resolutions

I've got a few.

I'm not normally the resolution making type, but this year I figured I'd give it a go. So maybe I'll have the goal in print and have some type of motivation to stick with it. Holding myself accountable and all that jazz. So here goes:

Resolution #1- Blog here at least once a week.
I know that sounds too simple, but look back at my previous posts. Last one was in September. FREAKING SEPTEMBER! I didn't forget. I didn't hide in a cave. I just neglected the blog. I did things. I did fun things. Things I'd have enjoyed sharing. Oh well. Life goes on. But hopefully this year I'll write more about it. Did I ever mention that I used to write a lot?

Resolution #2- Continue with the Secret Plan.
I've done pretty well on the Secret Plan stuff. Going Tuesday for a "big talk." That means I will either get some vindication for what I've been doing the last 15 weeks or I'll get a new direction. Either way, I'll come out of this a better, happier person. Trust me, you all want that for me.

Resolution #3- Send out Christmas Cards this year.
I added this one just in case I take a total crap on my life and fall flat on my face with the other two resolutions. I have 12 months to screw that one up. And I'm already halfway there. I have a bunch of Christmas cards already made up. I just got busy and didn't get them addressed or anything. I remembered that I hadn't done them on December 22nd. Too late.

So there we have it folks. Hopefully you'll hear from me again before another 3 months passes by. And if you don't... chew my ass out for it!

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