Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today is a good day. This week has been a good week. I have been reminded in so many ways how truly blessed my life is. And that I should take that with me when the world goes dark.

My life is a battle, but perhaps everyone's is. We all have our own demons. But honestly, I am well aware of what a gift life is. I have had to fight to live this life, so why NOT live it the way I want? I don't have to be happy all the time. Conversely, I don't have to be sad all the time.

On this day... today... instead of stressing out about food preparation, or any of the other burdens we bear in this life... be happy. Be grateful. Reach out and feel the love that is out there in the Universe just waiting for you to ask for it. Tomorrow might be miserable, so be happy today.

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